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LinkedIn at 300 Million Members

April 18th, 2014

linkedin-300-million-usersToday via their official blog, LinkedIn announced their latest milestone: over 300 million registered members across the globe. In the past few years alone, LinkedIn has made a huge transition from what was once more or less an online resume hub to a content-rich platform used everyday by millions of professionals. Here at Talener, we use LinkedIn everyday to connect with new professionals, stay on top of industry and network updates, and allow candidates to easily apply with their accounts through our job board.

It’s worth noting how LinkedIn publicizes their user statistics. While other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter share their active monthly users, LinkedIn instead actively chooses to highlight registered users. While it’s likely that active membership numbers are much lower than other social networks, they have gained significant traffic among mobile users and their international user base.

Over the years LinkedIn has attempted to diversify to include additional services and applications: a contact management application, a news aggregator, the purchase of presentation-distributor Slideshare, and several other business verticals. While some may think of LinkedIn as just a playground for recruiters, the growing social network has expanded to be a valuable resource for people across all industries and geographies, as illustrated in the infographic found below. Click here to read more!

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Where Are They Now? Tech Edition!

April 10th, 2014

Where Are They Now - Tech EditionIn a new recurring blog segment, we’ll be highlighting the stories of the websites we once frequented, the programs that made our lives easier, and the formerly-cutting-edge hardware that may be deep in your basement’s junk pile. You might be surprised to find of how some of these companies stayed alive, morphed or faded into the tech history books.

Before the days of Spotify… before torenting existed… Napster was the wildly popular, and controversial, favorite of the online music game.

Napster AliveReleased in 1999, the file sharing service offered a simple way for anyone to access millions of files from other user’s local shared hard drives. While experiments in peer-to-peer file sharing had been popping up for several years before, this was the first major platform to generate serious traffic, grow an enormous group of nearly 20 million users, and become an entire cultural phenomenon.

As quickly as Napster rose in popularity, so did the backlash. After several lawsuits from individual artists and record labels, the Recording Industry Association of America sued on account major accounts of copyright infringement. With Napster now front and center in the media, millions of new users flocked to install the program, spiking traffic downloads to new highs. Following a highly publicized trial, courts mandated for Napster to keep track of its network’s activities and restrict access to any reported infringing materials. With no real way to properly police their network, Napster was cornered into shutting down the service.

But did that mark the end of Napster?

Napster DeadAfter shutting down the network in late 2001, Napster agreed to pay music creators and copyright owners over $35 million in settlement payments for past, unauthorized uses of their music and potential future licensing royalties. To finance the large payments and stay on the right side of the law, Napster launched a paid music subscription, but within several months the company was hemorrhaging money. After a failed attempt to sell the company to the German media giant Bertelsmann, digital music software provider Roxio bought up the Napster brand and logo for a mere $5 million.

In the following years, the Napster name and logo would float around as the name for several different music platforms and services – passing through the hands of retail giant Best Buy, before joining Rhapsody, another streaming and downloading music service. Today, redirects to a Rhapsody subpage with an announcement of the company merge. Somehow the old headphone-wearing-cat-logo made it through the years and is still subtly featured as a relic of the first wave of popular music pirating.

Interested in a new tech role within the digital music space? Talener is working with several high profile music clients across all of our offices. To see some some our open positions, check out our job board or contact us directly!

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A Social Media Work-Around: Reuniting LinkedIn & Twitter

March 28th, 2014

How to Connect LinkedIn Twitter FollowersDid you know that there’s currently no direct way to discover who you know on Twitter via LinkedIn contacts (or vice-versa)? Back in the day the two platforms had a relatively happy marriage, integrating their services to allow members to share content and connect across both networks, but as they grew in size and business objectives changed with a keener eye on advertising revenue, the social media giants strayed further and further apart. Eventually an “amicable split” was announced in 2012.

While LinkedIn updates can still easily be pushed out to Twitter, LinkedIn no longer displays tweets or allows simple contact syncing. On one hand, it may actually have been a good thing as our LinkedIn newsfeeds avoid an onslaught of irrelevant tweets, but it did make it more difficult to find mutual contacts on both platforms.

Luckily, there’s still a relatively simple way to use Gmail, Outlook or any of the other large email clients as a mediator to bridge the two social networks and find Twitter users who you may already be connected with on LinkedIn. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to expand your network!

To Find Your LinkedIn Contacts on Twitter:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn. Under the Network tab, click Contacts.
  2. Click the Settings gear in the top right.
  3. On the right side of the page under Advanced Settings, select Export LinkedIn Connections. Export the file as a CSV and save the file.
  4. Open the file in Excel. You’ll probably get a prompt with the Text Import Wizard. Chose “Delimited,” click next, and then set the delimiters to be separated by commas. Click Finish and  your contacts will be neatly arranged in columns. Resave the file once again as a CSV.
  5. Import your Excel file of contacts to your email provider. This varies by email provider, but typically it’s a simple process of just uploading the Excel file under your Contacts.
  6. Using Twitter’s Find Friends tool you can directly sync your email account to discover which LinkedIn connections are already on Twitter.

Voila! You’ve probably now discovered a whole new group that you never realized were on Twitter!

While you’re at it feel free to connect with members of your local Talener office on social media by checking your nearby office’s page on our website and hovering over our team members. You’ll find quick links our members’ respective social media pages to stay in the loop on new job openings and other updates from the Talener team. Happy networking!

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Our Favorite Meetups

March 27th, 2014

Talener's Favorite MeetupsAs we launch our Tech After Hours Meetup nationally, we wanted to take a moment to share some love for a few of our other favorite Meetups in our local areas. Here’s a few choice picks from Talener employees that range the gamut from demo nights to more relaxed bar outings that bring together local techies.

  • At Talener’s home base in NYC, Infrastructure Group Manager Launa Rich  is a big fan of We Spark’s monthly Meetup for Entrepreneurs. Hosted on the first Thursday of every month, they bring together a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, investors and vendors all interested in connecting and bringing their companies to the next level.
  • Our Boston bunch frequent Drinks on Tap, touted as the city’s premier mobile app development meetup. Hosted at Ned Devine’s in historic Faneuil Hall, once a month they bring together some of the most innovative members of Boston’s tech scene for an evening of demos from emerging mobile apps. Featured apps in the past have crossed across all industries and area– from Beerdog, a mobile beer journal, to the popular taxi service Hailo.
  • Out on the West Coast, every few weeks the LA Tech Happy Hour sponsors a casual happy hour at different bars all around the LA area. Make sure to RSVP early as sometimes the events book up.

If you’re in our areas and looking for another chance to meet other industry professionals, join your local Tech After Hours group today to keep in touch on upcoming events. We hope to see you out and about in the community soon!

Los Angeles:
San Francisco:

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Here’s What NOT To Do At Your Next Job Interview

March 26th, 2014

What not to do on your interview

Check out the infographic that was hosted today on the front page of Business Insider! We highlighted some horror stories and tips to make sure you do your best in your next interview:

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