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Updates from the Tech Scene in Chicago

August 15th, 2014

It’s been a year since we opened our Chicago office and the city’s tech scene continues to boom! Some recent highlights and news from the tech scene out of the Windy City:

MerchandiseMartChicagoThe Move to Merchandise Mart: Originally opened as a wholesale showroom space in the 1930s, this sprawling building (which has its own zip code!) has expanded and evolved drastically over the years. Today, the unique floor plan is providing an attractive option for tech companies that embrace open layouts and collaborative environments. Some of the space’s upcoming tenants will include popular online review service Yelp and credit card payment software Braintree. They’ll join a number of tech companies, including 1871, a community center and digital startup coworking space, that has already made the Merch home.

From One Coworking Space to Another: Coworking options in the Windy City are also expanding, as seen with the recent announcement of Matter, a space specifically targeted for technology startups in the medical device and biopharma industries. The space, which has the backing of  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s ChicagoNEXT technology and innovation council, is currently accepting applications for new tenants.

490521817Other Movers & Shakers: After a recent move from one West Loop building to another, electronic legal service provider Inventus LLC plans to double their workforce in the near future. Other tech companies in the Chicago area that have recently ramped up hiring efforts have included: Sprout Social, Codifyd Inc and Grubhub.

Work in technology and looking to make a move to Chicago? Or looking to hire? We can help! Check our job board for some of our latest openings or feel free to contact us directly!

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Playing the Tech Startup Name Game

August 1st, 2014

Naming Your Technology StartupLet’s do a quick comparison. Think of an online directory of technology or startup companies. Now imagine the technology company section of the yellow pages (remember those?) from thirty years ago or so. Those old company names? Probably more cut and dry, flat-out descriptive (International Business Machines Corporation,) acronym-heavy, “figureoutable”(Microcomputer + Software = Microsoft), or simply based on the company’s cornerstone product or service (xerographic technology = Xerox.) In contrast, it seems like many of today’s companies read more like a jumble of Dr. Seuss character names, cutesy portmanteaus or a seemingly normal word twisted with a funky spelling or “ly” or “err” thrown on the back end.

In truth, naming your company is probably one of the biggest, early challenges a new business faces. And while sometimes the spark of inspiration is there from the start, leading to a sensible and “just right” name, in all likeliness, it doesn’t turn out like this. Instead, deciding a company is a serious exercise in brainstorming, thesaurus crawling, list making, research, testing and debate.

We put together some helpful resources from around the internet with advice for naming your new company, application or service. Take note that some of these pieces contain conflicting advice, but we wanted to show a range of opinions when it came to naming best practices.

3 Tips for Naming Your Business in the Modern, Mobile World via

  • Short & Memorable: Some of the best company names contain 5 – 10 letters in their name, many with a hard consonant and/or a repeating letter.
  • Thinking beyond the website: Today picking a business name takes more than just confirming that it hasn’t been copyrighted before and that your ideal website domain is available. Take into account social media accounts that may use similar names and the search results that pop up when searching your new company’s potential name.

Before naming your startup, read this via The Next Web

  •  The Excuses Behind Poor Names: Julian Shapiro outlines some of the common excuses used to justify bad names, which include a lack of knowledge about your own business, laziness, and arrogance.
  • Using the Power of Online Tools: Included are some action-oriented suggestions for selecting a great name, utilizing keyword generators and domain portfolios for inspiration.

10 company name types on TechCrunch: Pros and cons via The Name Inspector

  • Breaking Down Name Types:  The Name Inspector checks into the good, bad and the ugly in the diverse variations in company names, from the punny to the purposely misspelled.

If after checking out some of these sites you’re still unsure of the direction you should go in, you could always just head over to Buzzfeed’s helpful Startup Name Generator.

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Making the Most of Your Staffing Agency

April 30th, 2014

How to Improve Staffing Results: An Agency PerspectiveTalener’s CEO Mike Dsupin recently shared his thoughts with journalist John Rossheim for a piece on how clients can ensure the best results from their staffing agency. The piece hit upon some excellent points, some of which we’ve expanded upon below:

1. Stick to One Agency
Put your trust into one agency. This doesn’t mean you have to sign up with a retained search firm and be contractually obligated to hire from them, but relying on one, dedicated service adds a much-appreciated element of trust for both the recruiters, as well as candidates. By sending your open position to multiple agencies you may also risk the chance of having the same candidate submitted by different agencies, as some do not verify candidates’ job search history as well as others. Remember: quality over quantity!

2. Go Straight To The Source and Deal with the Hiring Manager
Who knows better about the job than the direct hiring manager? While a job description may be a launching point for getting a feel for the job, what’s best is an open and honest conversation with the person who understands exactly what is imperative in the job and knows who they actually want to work with on a day-to-day basis. We understand that sometimes resume may have to filter through Human Resources or other managers, but we’ve always found that dealing with and hearing feedback from the actual go-to person is the best bet for a quick hire.

3. Company Culture – Not Just a Buzzword
In technology staffing, programming languages and database knowledge are the backbone of any position. But equally as important is an understanding of your company’s unique environment – from dress codes to working hours to everything in between. We ask a lot of questions to get the feel for your company, but what’s most helpful is actually visiting your space so we can see where your next employee will be working. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can just imagine the benefits we get from an in-person visit!

For the complete article with even more advice, visit!

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Introducing… Talener After Hours!

November 22nd, 2013

We’re excited to announce our newest venture…

Talener After Hour Logo

Talener “After Hours” is a new bimonthly event series dedicated to connecting our employees, clients, consultants, candidates, and like-minded tech pros in an informal post-work setting. Our group is targeted to professionals at all skill levels and in all industries and will feature a blend of speakers, open discussions, product demos, Q&A’s, and similarly engaging sessions.

In our 1st session on December 11 at 6:30pm, expert recruiters in each of our offices will present an engaging evening on the top 10 ways to kick start your New Year’s job hunt. Grab a bite, a brew, and learn what our hottest clients are looking for in their search for top tech talent! The presentation should last around 20 minutes before we open the floor for open discussion and networking.

For more info and to RSVP to the event in your local city, check our Eventbrite page:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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How to hire "Passive Candidates"?

October 29th, 2013

Trying to hire really talented software developers continues to get harder and harder.  The market is so strong nowadays that the industry has labeled employed candidates looking for new jobs as “Passive Candidates.”  And let’s face it, 99% of great software developers are employed, so therefore, 99% of software engineers on the market are “Passive Candidates” (PC).

Here are a few tips that have helped our clients hire more of these “Passive Candidates.”

  1. Momentum: Keeping up excitement and interest is imperative throughout the entire process. From the time you talk to a “PC” about the job, to the time they come into the office for a 1st interview, to time to the “PC” has their 2nd interview, and the time to offer, energy is key.  When it comes to the process, the chase is half of the battle.
  2. Process: Have your interview process well-defined and make sure that all of the decision makers are available, in town, and ready to play their part in this story.  “PCs” are looking at the interviewing process as an example of how decisions are made and how things get done at the company.  Be organized, prepared, and ready to act.
  3. Offers: Make an offer, be ready to make a counter-offer, and then get the offer letter out.  Clearly overpaying will help you get the deal closed, but most of the time it is not really about the extra money or extra week of vacation. Instead, candidates want to think that they negotiated and didn’t leave anything on the table.  As with a hot housing market, competition is fierce and first offers are rarely accepted. In order to contend and close the deal, be ready to act swiftly.

These are 3 simple things that you can do to convert more “PCs” into hires.  For more information on this topic, please feel free to reach out to me anytime @michaeldsupin.  

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