Why Should I Use a Staffing Agency?

Six Simple Reasons You Should Be Using a Professional Staffing Agency

Using a staffing agency is more than hiring someone to fill a job. We are trained recruiters – actively searching for the best talent in a tight labor market. Our years of experience will ultimately save you time, money, and help to build your team with the right people for your organization

Empowering Your Leadership

If you want to produce a great meal, you need great ingredients.  Building the right team starts with great individuals.

Staffing agencies empower your team – HR, TA, and Hiring Managers to hire the best talent for the job. We are experts in our fields. We have years of experience in active recruitment, extensive networks, and market knowledge to ensure that you are looking at the best available talent for your organization. When leadership is able to evaluate, interview and hire from a pool of top-tier talent – everyone wins.

Save Time

Interview pre-screened candidates within your budget, salary range, location requirements, and more. Your requirements are the framework for finding the right talent more efficiently and effectively.  Managers should not be using their time to screen dozens of resumes or interview under-qualified candidates. Managers are already overseeing their team and completing projects. They do not need to add interviewing / hiring fatigue to their to-do list.

We have the network to move quickly, the resources to pre-screen candidates, and the experience to present the candidates who make the most sense for your specific requirements.

Job Ads Aren’t Enough

Talent is at full employment. Despite layoffs, these candidates are not on the job market for long and often they are not actively applying to jobs on LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, etc. You will need to sift through dozens of unqualified applicants in the hopes of finding one person to screen. You need an active recruitment partner who makes pro-active calls and sending messages to reach the right people. HR is not in the business of recruitment and internal talent acquisition doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to cold call potential employees who aren’t actively applying to jobs.


It seems counterintuitive, but the agency fee will cost you less in the end. You can either build an internal recruitment team or pay a fee. While large companies can build out specialized TA and recruitment teams, most small to mid-sized companies don’t have those kinds of resources. Great internal recruiters are expensive and there are no guaranteed results.  By paying an agency, you are avoiding an internal recruiter salary, saving time (your managers, TA, HR), and ultimately saving money because you are filling a need now. You aren’t delaying business-critical projects while you wait to fill a position.

Hiring the Right Employee the First Time

It is too expensive to hire the wrong employee. You have spent a considerable time and money on resume screening, interviews, background checks, and on-boarding. There is nothing worse than realizing you have hired the wrong person and that projects will be delayed even further if you need to start the search again. It is always in our best interest to get you the right employee first.

Peace of Mind

Your agency experience should give you peace of mind. You are saving time, money, and getting the right employee first. Hiring through an agency is more than just hiring. Placements have guarantee periods to ensure that we’ve helped you find the right person.  We provide market data, salary benchmarks, job description reviews, and help you to streamline your hiring process. We are your partners.

Since 2007, Talener has been helping companies build their teams from the ground up. Our recruiters have decades of recruitment experience. We are experts in cultivating relationships with talent across the United States. We are committed to the customer experience and ensuring that you are satisfied with our delivery of results.

We take a direct path to technology staffing success.