Hourly-to-Salary Calculator

Thinking of converting a temp / hourly resource to a salaried employee? Or looking to bring on a contract worker either as a temp-to-perm or until you find your salaried solution? Our calculator will help you figure out those rates. And as a bonus, will show you the bill rate you might expect from using a staffing agency so that you can determine whether your budget is appropriate.

Use the fields below to calculate the hourly or annual salary based on the annual pay rate, hourly rate or bill rate. Adjust holidays, vacation and estimated workable hours for a more accurate result.

The above calculator is just a guide.  Other factors come into play when converting individuals between temp to perm, like cost of benefits, in-office work schedule and advancement opportunities to name a few.  Contact us at info@talener.com to discuss your specific needs or to help fill your temp, temp-to-perm or permanent vacancies.