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Transformation and Growth at Talener

We think that it’s important to talk about how our business has changed over the past few years. Like many companies, we felt the effects of the pandemic. Yet, despite the hardships that our team and many others faced, it was an opportunity for us to reflect, reset, and listen to our team members as we all navigated this new sense of normal.

The feedback from our team has been crucial in rebuilding a sustainable and successful company that will grow into the future.
We have learned that while training is essential, everyone’s career path is different. For some, a path to management is their goal. For others, leadership comes in the form of being an individual contributor. High performing employees deserve to be recognized. Talener employees who are motivated to make money for themselves are also helping to grow and sustain the business. They are taking their own careers to the next level.

Recruiting and staffing is a sales-based business. We match companies to talent and talent to companies, and in that way, both are our clients. At every step, they trust our track record of success to meet their goals.

We’ve revamped our commission and compensation plans to reward the teams or individuals who put in the effort and get results. Everyone has the opportunity to earn uncapped income on the work they produce.

Finally, we’ve overhauled how we think about the workday. The combination of hybrid, remote, and on-site work has fundamentally changed our lives. We dress for our day. We use video technology to help ease the burden of interviewing on our candidates. Recruiting and staffing can be an intense and numbers driven environment, but it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to come from a competitive sports, arts, or debate background to be successful. A team diverse in backgrounds and experiences is essential.

We will continue to listen to our employees, gather feedback from our applicants, and adapt to the needs of our clients. We are a dynamic organization. We’ve seized the opportunity to rebuild and redevelop Talener and we don’t take it lightly.

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