About us

Tech staffing that understands your unique hiring challenges

Our team specializes in executive search and tech staffing with a relationship-based touch. Talener provides the dedicated service and boutique-level access that larger firms cannot. We bring an unprecedented level of experience in tech staffing and access to core national hiring markets. Through our established network, we find those quality individual contributors already working in high-demand languages.

After years of working for tech staffing for organizations that provided project-based consultancy and permanent solutions, Mike Dsupin identified a gap in contract-based technology staffing solutions in New York. Recognizing this opportunity, Mike brought Talener to life in 2007; addressing the market’s demand for software engineer contractors. Talener’s solutions have grown to include contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent solutions for clients across the United States in major technology corridors.

Our Team

Meet our leadership team

Michael Dsupin
Founder & CEO
Christopher Sapka
Chief Financial Officer
Henry Boulos
EVP, Client Services
Leah Singer
VP, Operations & Marketing
Our Mission

Adaptability equals impact

Our mission is to provide specialized tech staffing services and deliver results that allow long-term relationships to grow.

We touch all major industries and work with companies of all sizes, providing access to the technical talent that matches specific hiring needs at the companies best suited to enhance their career path.

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We take a direct path to technology staffing success.