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Leveraging the Hype Cycle for Your Career Search

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Hype Cycle, a term coined by Gartner, often describes the cycle of maturation, adoption, and social applications for technology.  Largely, this method zooms out on applications to see how tech will evolve over time. It provides reliable insight to manage deployment and meet company goals.

However, the Hype Cycle is being adopted by job applicants who are looking to evaluate their own careers. For most people, spending decades working their way up the corporate ladder at one company no longer exists. Employees and job seekers must adapt, enhance, and reevaluate their own career more than any other generation has done before.

Prior to accepting a new position, jobs need to be evaluated beyond their immediate impact. A new job isn’t just the next step in your career, it is now a puzzle piece that helps to build a new set of skills, to mature, and to avoid stagnation. It’s a long game that most people are unaware that they are playing to stay relevant in the workforce.

This hype cycle applies to the entire career life cycle as well as the job search cycle.

When job seekers come to Talener, they are full of optimism for new, exciting opportunities that will move them forward.  They are ready for interviews, resume reviews, and job offers. They have specific opportunities and compensation requirements in mind.  This is the peak of the cycle.

As a staffing partner, it is our goal to maintain job seekers in this stage of motivation and desire to further their career into the next right job.  It is a delicate process keeping job seekers engaged yet grounded in their search.

When you are attempting a job search on your own, the rise and fall of emotions during the job process can be dramatic.  The excitement of new job prospects wears off, and reality sets in.  Finding a job is hard work.  Showcasing the right skills is hard work.  Months without call backs, interviews, or canned rejection letters take a toll.

However, working with a staffing partner can mitigate some of these feelings of disillusionment that occur during the hype cycle. Through encouragement, resume reviews, constructive feedback and improving interview skills, we guide our candidates to see the value in their own career path.

At this point, job seekers will either embrace this feedback and take positive action towards their ultimate goal, or they’ll begin to slow their search.  By continuing to support their job goals, we can avoid losing momentum and develop their career story further.

When this process ultimately leads to a job offer, candidates become employees who steadily settle into a new career and maximize their skillset. Then the hype cycle starts all over again within the larger scope of the career – excitement, reality, joy in learning new and using new skills, and then a plateau where once again employees either stay in their steady position or become job seekers all over again.

Just as technology applications go through a cycle of adoption and maturity, we also go through it as individuals. The hype cycle is more than seeking a job, working a job, and then moving on to the next.  It is about building a career where we apply and mature our skills in order to be ready for changes ahead.

By entrusting Talener to get you through the job seeking journey, you are setting yourself up to join the right company in the right position for your experience and future career prospects.  Leveraging the hype cycle is more than just getting through it, it’s using the right knowledge to guide you to the best possible career outcome.

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