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Technology Consultants are your COVID-19 Solution


Google and Uber announced that they will once again push back return-to-office plans as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 brings continues to bring uncertainty in 2022.  This isn’t the first time that these organizations (and many more) have walked back on plans to encourage their workforce back into the office.

When hiring picked up at the end of Q1 and the availability of a public vaccine became imminent, large companies started to announce on-site policies.  However, many of these plans have been scrapped month after month.

Now, organizations are juggling new policies, responding to vaccine mandate laws, and attempting to streamline their messaging for current employees and new hires.  The arrival of the Omicron variant simply moves the goalposts once again and creates more confusion as companies are attempting to hire technology workers at breakneck pace.

Hiring permanent employees without clear in-office policies is irresponsible and will likely lead to attrition down the road.  In demand technologists are looking for permanent flexible remote options.  Hiring them under the guise of remote-only, simply to force them back into the office next year is a recipe for disaster. 

Technology consultants are the solution.

Consultants can work remotely now.  A six-month contract starting today gives an organization ample time to monitor Covid, build policies, and meet critical business goals.  Additionally, they can evaluate the consultant and potentially offer them a full-time position once policies are in place.  Likewise, consultants get to try out their employer while getting insight into policy changes that permanent employees will encounter next year.

Tech consultants get projects back on track.  The Great Resignation has fueled thousands of open IT jobs, as permanent talent demands better policies and working environments.  Consultants are hired and on-boarded faster than permanent employees. They can often bypass multi-round interviews, avoiding some of the red tape along the way.  Moreover, experienced consultants can hit the ground running on their first day.  They understand their role working on the project-at-hand.

The easiest way to hire a consultant is to reach out to a recruitment agency that has experience placing technology consultants.  They can walk you through the process step-by-step and have an inventory of consultants with whom they have worked.  Likewise, they’ll explain how the on-boarding process works – including pay and benefits through the staffing agency. 

The Talener team is always open to answering questions about hiring tech consultants –or anything else! Please contact the Talener team to get your questions answered or schedule some time.  We can help you to evaluate whether a consultant or full-time employee will best support your business goals. Please reach out to Mike at

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