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Make Your Bed Every Day: Life Lessons from a Navy SEAL

May 27th, 2014

Navy SEAL Life LessonsGraduation season is in full-swing and around the nation commencement speakers are offering words of wisdom to students embarking on the next step of their life journey. U.S. Navy admiral and University of Texas, Austin, alumnus William H. McRaven returned to his alma mater with a powerful speech that will resonate with everyone – from graduating college seniors to seasoned professionals who have been in the workforce for decades.

Among McRaven’s advice are the following life lessons learned during the grueling six-months of basic training:

Start the day right by making your bed. The small chore will kick off a day of tasks and will help things in perspective as a reminder that the little details matter in life.

If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward. Those in boot camp who didn’t pass uniform inspection (which is everyone at some point) are required to trudge through water fully-clothed and roll around in the sand until they are a fully-covered “sugar cookie.” While many complain about the seemingly-meaningless task – those who understand the practice in patience and fortitude make it through to the entire training period.

Sing when you’re up to your neck in mud. Even the most oppressive task can be lightened when a team member rises to the occasion and tries to motivate the team (through song or any other motivational advice).

Check out the full video of McRaven’s speech below or read the full transcript on Business Insider.

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Life at a Startup: The Keys to Work Success

May 6th, 2014

Ideal Startup Employee Traits

It’s no surprise that working at a startup is markedly different from your more traditional corporate office job. With slim budgets and an eye always on growth, employees are expected to be masters within their job’s specialty area, brand evangelists who are able to promote the company’s mission, and have the highest level of dedication.

But what other work traits are typically desired at startups? Our employee Tim Olesnavage recently spoke with Leslie Stevens-Huffman from Dice News about what startup clients are looking for in their next employee. Among the list of desired traits:

Resiliency: The ability to keep running and find solutions in the face of recurring roadblocks.

Self-Motivation: Limited direction and management means employees must be able to take initiative and be comfortable making risky decisions.

Flexibility: From a tech perspective, typically super specialists aren’t needed. Instead you should be comfortable working across all stages of the development life cycle as you’ll probably be expected to code, test, architect and interface with initial customers.

To see what else startup founders are looking for, check out the complete list on Dice News.

Think you fit the bill of the ideal startup employee? Search our board for the newest startup jobs!

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A Social Media Work-Around: Reuniting LinkedIn & Twitter

March 28th, 2014

How to Connect LinkedIn Twitter FollowersDid you know that there’s currently no direct way to discover who you know on Twitter via LinkedIn contacts (or vice-versa)? Back in the day the two platforms had a relatively happy marriage, integrating their services to allow members to share content and connect across both networks, but as they grew in size and business objectives changed with a keener eye on advertising revenue, the social media giants strayed further and further apart. Eventually an “amicable split” was announced in 2012.

While LinkedIn updates can still easily be pushed out to Twitter, LinkedIn no longer displays tweets or allows simple contact syncing. On one hand, it may actually have been a good thing as our LinkedIn newsfeeds avoid an onslaught of irrelevant tweets, but it did make it more difficult to find mutual contacts on both platforms.

Luckily, there’s still a relatively simple way to use Gmail, Outlook or any of the other large email clients as a mediator to bridge the two social networks and find Twitter users who you may already be connected with on LinkedIn. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to expand your network!

To Find Your LinkedIn Contacts on Twitter:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn. Under the Network tab, click Contacts.
  2. Click the Settings gear in the top right.
  3. On the right side of the page under Advanced Settings, select Export LinkedIn Connections. Export the file as a CSV and save the file.
  4. Open the file in Excel. You’ll probably get a prompt with the Text Import Wizard. Chose “Delimited,” click next, and then set the delimiters to be separated by commas. Click Finish and  your contacts will be neatly arranged in columns. Resave the file once again as a CSV.
  5. Import your Excel file of contacts to your email provider. This varies by email provider, but typically it’s a simple process of just uploading the Excel file under your Contacts.
  6. Using Twitter’s Find Friends tool you can directly sync your email account to discover which LinkedIn connections are already on Twitter.

Voila! You’ve probably now discovered a whole new group that you never realized were on Twitter!

While you’re at it feel free to connect with members of your local Talener office on social media by checking your nearby office’s page on our website and hovering over our team members. You’ll find quick links our members’ respective social media pages to stay in the loop on new job openings and other updates from the Talener team. Happy networking!

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Here’s What NOT To Do At Your Next Job Interview

March 26th, 2014

What not to do on your interview

Check out the infographic that was hosted today on the front page of Business Insider! We highlighted some horror stories and tips to make sure you do your best in your next interview:

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A Revealing Look Under the Hood of

March 21st, 2014

A look into's AnalyticsIf you didn’t know, a few months ago we did a major overhaul of The big switch from our old all-black site aimed to provide a whole new experience for visitors: responsive-design for devices of all shapes and sizes, a more organized site layout, an easier application experience, and new, relevant content for those looking to learn more about our business.

Behind the scenes, our new website provided a whole new level of user insight to help us continually improve visitor experiences. In paying closer attention to our Google Analytics, we pulled a few interesting insights about our website visitors. While we can’t make overarching judgments about the behavior of general job seekers, we certainly can infer some patterns and present some of our predictions on how and why people are using our site. Without further ado…
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