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How Does Working with a Staffing Agency Add Value to My Company’s Job Search?


Finding the right employee the first time is critical for any business. Projects, products, and new teams depend on quality employees. Hiring is more than posting a job, screening resumes, interviewing, and writing an offer.  It’s a process that can deeply impact your business today and in the future.

How do we add value to your organization?

Delivering Quality Candidates

Delivering quality candidates goes beyond a resume of skills. It means that your staffing partner truly understands the job’s purpose within the organization. We are delivering quality candidates who are also interested in the position and are active on the job market.  We are providing you with the ability to compare and contrast pre-screened profiles of people who are ready to make their next career move.

Time Capital

Time is your most precious asset. We aren’t just reducing the amount of time it takes to hire someone.  We provide pre-screened and qualified candidates to evaluate. Additionally, we offer recommendations about which candidates will be the right fit.  Moreover, streamlining and tightening up the interview process provides you with a continuous pipeline of talent. Efficiency breeds efficacy.

The Right Candidate for the Right Price

Not everyone can compete with Google or Amazon’s compensation packages. It isn’t realistic and that’s OK.  When we know your objectives and your budget, we are able provide tailored guidance on hiring the right person for the job.

Continuous Pipeline

Even the most promising job seeker can turn down your job offer. Whether it is an internal counteroffer or accepting a position with a competitor – the reason matters less than the next steps. While it’s important to understand why a candidate rejects your offer, it’s more important that you have a continuous pipeline of candidates who have already started the interviewing process.  We provide this continuous pipeline so that there are no delays and you do not have to start back at square one.

Communication Liaison

One of the most challenging parts of the hiring process is managing communication.  It’s possible that a dozen or more candidates are involved in the initial interview stages. By trusting us to be the liaison between candidate and client, we manage the communication more efficiently, have difficult conversations, and keep the process neutral. Job seekers’ emotions can run high and finding the right employee comes with its own pressures.  By acting as a liaison, everyone has the opportunity to communicate their needs.

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