Core Business Need: Build technical departments from the ground up, wide scope of positions

Type of Company: Biotechnology
Positions Filled: 45
Type of Positions: Permanent
Company Size: 500+

This biotech organization was launched from one of the most prestigious healthcare systems in the world. Talener began working with this arm of the health system, building out tech teams from the ground up. As the company grew, it spun out to form its own organization and needed immediate assistance in building out entire departments.

They needed a staffing company to work seamlessly across departments to fill a variety of positions. These teams needed to be staffed and supported as the company evolved at breakneck pace. The Talener team worked together to direct resources across departments; forming relationships and directing a hiring process that could be replicated and scaled for the organization.

Beyond engineering talent, Talener also provided technical product, project, and program managers who would be working directly with the engineering teams that we were staffing. We were able to build trusted relationship directly with hiring managers, work together internally to find the right fit for each department, and manage the process as the company came into its own.

Talener’s recruiting teams worked together to instill best hiring practices, share candidates, and build cohesive teams. The internal communication shared across Talener ensured that every recruiter was on the same page, building towards one unified organization rather than individual departments. As a result, Talener placed 45 permanent technical and PM based positions.

We take a direct path to technology staffing success.