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Core Business Need: Very Senior Talent with Global Enterprise Level Experience

Type of Company: Consumer Products Company
Positions Filled: 25
Type of Positions: Permanent
Company Size: 100k+

The relationship with this global CPG company was a learning experience. In many large organizations, it is common for talent acquisition teams to facilitate the hiring process and work with staffing agencies. In highly technical positions, however, it can be challenging to convey the exact technical skills from hiring manager to TA to staffing company.

Talener spent significant time directing resources to understanding their technical talent pipeline. We identified core areas in the hiring and interviewing process that were constraining communication about the ideal candidate profile.

Before refocusing hiring efforts and bringing in new candidates, we needed to step back and tighten communication in order to funnel the right talent into the pipeline. This was achieved by bringing direct hiring managers into the process from the beginning. These managers were included on intake calls to provide answers to deeper technical questions. We were able to gather more pertinent information about ideal or preferred tech stacks, educational paths, and previous experience.

From these conversations, Talener identified that the hiring managers in technology departments needed very senior level talent with enterprise level experience on a global scale. Additionally, the seasoned talent thrived best in the organization when they had formal technical education, namely advanced computer science degrees.

By stepping back and reevaluating the process, we were able to pinpoint the exact caliber of person that the company desired. Identifying the direct hiring managers as a fundamental part of successful placements was critical. This led to candidates completing tech tests, bringing enterprise experience to the table, and ultimately our ability to place more than 25 senior-level engineers.

We take a direct path to technology staffing success.