Core Business Need: Rapid tech team scaling through consulting

Type of Company: Not-for-Profit
Positions Filled: 50+
Type of Positions: Consulting
Company Size: 1000+

Talener began working with a not-for-profit that services the entertainment industry; including music, video, TV and movies. The engineering team needed to scale very quickly and turned to Talener to hit critical hiring goals. In order to expand the team, Talener identified the Company In solution as the most efficient way for hiring managers to initially meet with engineering candidates.

The Company In solution allowed managers and talent to meet in a neutral location (Talener’s office) for an initial interview. This provided the opportunity for multiple candidates to interview over the course of two to three hours. Talener took on the responsibility of scheduling the interviews and managing the process, keeping initial interviews to one half hour. Consequently, we were able to get immediate feedback from both the hiring managers and engineering candidates and schedule the 2nd round of interviews immediately. This dramatically expedited the interview process and allowed our client to have a chance at getting all of their candidates into their office for an onsite interview.

Additionally, the neutral environment gave hiring managers the opportunity to leave their own offices (and distractions) to focus 100% on the candidates in front of them. Likewise, engineering talent found the neutral ground less stressful as they had likely visited the Talener offices prior to the Company In.

Working directly with the hiring managers, collecting immediate face-to-face feedback, and working with Talener’s deep network of consultants resulted in successful and expedient placements at the organization. Talener placed over 50 local consultants across various technical departments and through multiple hiring managers.

We take a direct path to technology staffing success.