Public Safety

Core Business Need: Post-funding growth for permanent talent that thrive in startup environments

Type of Company: Public Safety
Positions Filled: 30
Type of Positions: Permanent
Company Size: 100+

A brilliant startup was revolutionizing the public safety industry. With potential large name clients on the horizon, they knew that they needed to scale their technical team with precision and intention. Their success hinged on very specific technical talent with exceptional skill sets. Moreover, this talent needed to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment.

Talener began working with the organization through a standard contingent staffing model. The relationship flourished and we built trust through placements with the VP of Engineering. The breadth of candidates that Talener presented to the VP of Engineering illustrated the depth of Talener’s market knowledge and the ability work across technical departments.

A round of successful funding propelled the organization forward and the need to scale was immediate. The business relationship that had thrived over time opened the door for Talener and the VP of Engineering to create a bespoke hiring program.

The volume commitment from the client provided Talener with the opportunity to discount the hiring fee. Ultimately the program was mutually beneficial as it resulted in a lower cost per hire for our client, guaranteed upfront payment for Talener, and eliminated the cost of new business / vendor acquisition on both sides.

The existing relationship with hiring managers, previous placement history, and focused resources to these open jobs resulted in placing 30 engineers across the board: including QA, DevOps, Python, Data, and more.

We take a direct path to technology staffing success.