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The Great Resignation: Hiring Fatigue


Describing the last 18 months as volatile feels like an understatement as we begin 2022.  From mass layoffs and company closures to the hiring bounce back and the Great Resignation – we’re all exhausted.

Largely, the focus has been on employees in the context of their lives having been upended.  Remote work solutions, closed schools, and quarantines sent everyone scrambling for months.  Finally, we’ve settled into something that was truly an upheaval of what we had considered the traditional workday.

But within these organizations are employees who also serve as hiring managers – building up teams that strengthen their departments and the entire organization.  And they’re tired – really tired.

The Great Resignation is unlike anything that we’ve ever seen.  It’s a reckoning that was likely long overdue, yet felt surprising all at once.  For hiring managers trying to build back their tech teams, the wave of resignations has halted major engineering projects. 

Engineers aren’t known for spending decades within the same organization.  Pre-pandemic, the average software engineer spent just shy of two years with a company – especially if they weren’t able to learn new and modern skills.  Now, as engineers are leaving their positions in droves, hiring managers are seeing turnover that they’ve never experienced before. 

The quantity of open jobs overshadows both willing and available talent.  Candidates command every facet of the market.  Hiring managers are exhausted trying to re-fill jobs, finish projects, and rebuild their teams.  It’s exasperating feeling as if you’re on hamster wheel -attempting to play catch up and grow simultaneously.

Hiring managers need help and support at the executive level, from their TA teams, and from outside technology recruitment partners that can alleviate the pressure.  Re-filling jobs is expensive and  also requires time capital, something that understaffed tech leaders just don’t have. 

Technology staffing companies, like Talener, are available as a resource to support hiring managers.  We can find the right temporary or permanent solutions, streamline the pipeline and interview processes, and help get through offer letters and negotiations.  Additionally, we can provide you with data to help you understand what you need to offer prospective employees from the get-go.  It is far easier to get through the grueling process of hiring when you have a coach guiding every step and giving feedback along the way.

Whether you are facing hiring fatigue, or just starting you talent search, Talener can help you build and support your team. From building out a hiring process to providing market data, we are available to help. Reach out to Mike at or book some time today.

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