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You Need to Actively Retain Remote Employees


Remote work has been made out to be the holy grail of work benefits these days. And it’s true, it is one of the top demands from candidates who are looking for new jobs this year. But remote flexibility doesn’t absolve companies from providing other benefits that in-office employees may enjoy.

They may have more flexibility, reduced commuting costs, and the ability to work in their pajamas, but they’re still productive members of your organization who help to meet critical business goals.

Retaining remote talent means ensuring that their work environment is set up for success.

Office Space & Technology

Set up the employee with an office chair that is comfortable. Provide additional screens, keyboards, or other equipment that is conducive to working for eight hours per day. There are no halls to roam or water coolers to congregate around. Creating an environment that is stress-free and comfortable makes it easier to stay focused.

Subsidize the ISP

Forty (plus) hours are spent working online during the week for your organization. It is likely that they are spending more time online doing work than using their connection for personal browsing and entertainment. Consider subsidizing the cost of an employee’s ISP to help them get the best connection to work the most efficiently.

Increase Flexibility

Remote work isn’t flexible enough? Nope. In fact, many remote employees are eating at their desk or not taking breaks throughout the day. They’re online before their in-office counterparts have finished their commutes and often stay online after others have left the office.  Encourage flexible schedules (as available) for grocery runs, gym time, or appointments.  Likewise, encourage or force the use of vacation to avoid burnout.


Compensate your remote employees by the same standards as your in-office staff.  Reducing compensation because of their location or lack of commute tells them that you are paying for their location, not their worth as a productive member of your team.


Send a coffee subscription or a snack box from time to time. It’s generally nice to feel appreciated and not forgotten.

Companies that take the time to make small, but measurable steps to retain their remote workforce will ultimately come out on top when competing for talent.

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